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all you have to do is call

my thursday afternoon consisted of kitties, blankets, conversations, and guitars. a friend and i were (are) working on some duets for future open mics, cabarets, coffee houses, or whatever performance, and we thought we… Continue reading

trees, reindeer, songs of joy and peace

it’s the first of december, everyone! it’s nearing christmas-time, aka my favourite time of the year for so many reasons. even though it’s getting chilly outside, there’s still something so heart-warming about the… Continue reading

strangers wandering in the night

a few months ago, my university had a used CD sale, and a frank sinatra album somehow ended up coming home with me – i just felt a huge burning desire to buy… Continue reading

so no one told you life was gonna be this way

dear FRIENDS (haha see what i did there?), i realize it’s been a month since i last posted (my piece ‘haze‘ not included – btw feel free to take a listen!) – sometimes i… Continue reading

mirror of the snow-covered hills

after taking a lengthy (ish) break from… well… music from the seventies, i felt it was time for another from the seventies. i kept on putting this song off because: “do i want it featured… Continue reading

focus: ABBA

thia’s current status: preparing for final exam. apologies for being offline for a LONG time. to make it up, i thought i’d do a throwback x focus post today. sound good? alrighty! you… Continue reading

good vibes

i’ve been doing a lot of throwbacks, huh? two reasons: i) working with seniors = lots and lots and lots of good old music, and ii) i have thursdays off so more time for… Continue reading

starry starry night

throwbacks are getting increasingly more difficult, with my increased exposure of “oldies”, especially those from the 40s spanning to the 70s. difficult as in i have so many good songs to choose from,… Continue reading

dear diary…

my mom and i just went on a throwback journey yesterday, listening to “oldies” in the car, singing along. today’s selection is one song that i’ve heard her talk about many times, but… Continue reading