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paper airplanes in the snow

put on this wintery playlist again this morning/afternoon… if only it were snowing instead of raining outside (seriously though, our winter has been lacking in snow and frankly, i am sad about that). but that’s… Continue reading

water take away my memory

was scrolling through my spotify playlists, trying to find something to listen to while i completed my music therapy assignment. came across a playlist i have never seen before/did not remember following (probably because… Continue reading

reverie and love

over the summer, some of my friends somehow got me into jazz. and the interest has stuck with me for the last few months, so much so that i was blasting oscar peterson and stéphane… Continue reading

it’s all just in your head

as some of you may know, my current (since march, actually) favourite band is ROMES – check them out if you haven’t already – and they have a show in toronto next week… which… Continue reading

meet me in the pines

wow it’s been a crazy long time since i last did a music talk. (and it’s not like i’m even busy with school or anything – this is not sarcasm, i kid you… Continue reading

dreamin’ of some sun

as many of you probably know, the prestigious music and arts festival known as coachella happened about 2 months ago. aside from top-notch stages, celebrity spottings, and really good food (tbh i would… Continue reading

who i wanna be

status update: suffering between not-so-delightful seasonal allergies & studying for finals (it’s so hard to concentrate when your nose and head feel all stuffed up, eyes watering, throat itchy…) and yes, even though i should… Continue reading

getaway: a ticket to anywhere

wow… it’s been quite some time, but hands up because school is over! well… finals aside, school is over. although i wasn’t as present here as i should have been this year, i was… Continue reading

focus: emancipator

spotify has recently become my best friend and resource when it comes to study music. i’ve kind of been a fan of meditative music in the last few weeks because i’ve found that the… Continue reading