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a little bit lost without you

time is of the essence; it is a precious thing that we feel we always never have enough of. however, that didn’t stop this duo from releasing one song per month (via soundcloud) for the… Continue reading

the hunter’s moon is shining

leave it to me to post something the same day as when i said i’m busy. yeah i’m busy but… breaks are good! plus, i’ve got a good song for today. this track… Continue reading

high on legal marijuana

(no, i’m not actually… ) school is busy, lots of readings to do (who said the life of a music major was easy?) but i’m back on track! a few weeks back, i stumbled… Continue reading

a beacon for your way

“Something on the big horizon for tomorrow – stay tuned…” this status cropped up on my facebook newsfeed the other day and boy was i ecstatic. why? because BANNERS (previously known as RAINES)… Continue reading

and so the legend goes

i have an exciting one for you guys today, as recommended by one of my fellow music friends. i hope you like it as much as we do, because seriously, this is one… Continue reading

sirsly though.

apologies for not posting very much – work all day, long commutes, summer course, practicing instruments… not a lot of time spent on the internet these days. but nonetheless, here is something my… Continue reading

it’s 2 in the morning

… and i’m up writing this blog post. not (i’d be asleep at this time). 2 in the morning = 2am = today’s featured song. quick note: was going to feature two songs… Continue reading

looking through this broken glass

(i really need to start coming up with better titles…) a typical day for me consists of at least one episode of a tv show i’m currently watching. and with tv shows comes… Continue reading

honey, i’ve got a confession to make

i’ve had this gem bookmarked for a while (since it came out early march, actually) yet have never gotten around to blogging about it for some reason. but nonetheless, here it is now,… Continue reading